Switch Electric Vehicle Kit


The Switch Electric Vehicle is designed to be built, tested and driven, and then disassembled for the next class to use – every semester, year after year, and is continuously updated with the newest EV technologies. It comes with a complete set of courseware to run a 17-week class, an 8-week after-school club project, or a 2-week summer workshop. This kit comes with a permanent magnet AC drive system and either a 72 volt AGM lead acid battery or a 96 volt lithium ion battery system.

Spec Sheet

Educational Advantages

Product Configurations

  • Option 1 – SL – DC/72: DC Drive System with 72 volt AGM Lead Acid Battery
  • Option 2 – SL – PM/72: PM Drive System with 72 Volt AGM Lead Acid Battery
  • Option 3 – SL – AC/96: AC Drive System with 96 volt Lithium Ion Battery
  • Option 4 – SL – PM/96: Hyper/9 Drive System with 96 volt Lithium Ion Battery
  • Experience The Switch Lab™ the same way your students will – learning, building, testing, and then driving the finished Switch EV as a complete project-based learning process. This training is appropriate for teachers from all disciplines – Auto Shop, Engineering, Physics, Robotics, Maker, and more.

  • Comprehensive electric vehicle science and technology instruction.
  • Learn about EV components.
  • Lecture in the morning; build a Switch EV in the afternoon.
  • Lectures are actual curriculum designed for discussion.
  • Demonstrations and lab projects.
  • Workshop manual (Powerpoint presentations, additional sources of information).
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