Foundation Air Brakes For Driver Training

SKU: HV-120_052890

The ConsuLab HV-120 Foundation air brakes for driver training has everything you need for teaching the fundamentals of pneuma- tics, air brake component function and terminology, all using DOT approved and FMVSS121 standard circuits, components, and functionality.

Spec Sheet



  • Industry standard glad-hands are used to connect the tractor and trailer together.
  • All air connections are made using D.O.T. approved push-to- connect fittings. This also allows testing for pressure at multiple locations.
  • The Bendix AD-IS air dryer is used that includes a wet tank and safety valve for over pressure protection. This means that there are just two primary and secondary tanks for the main system.
  • Many of the components are mounted to the board using thumbnuts so that the components may be removed without any tooling.
  • 9 pneumatic faults
  • Blockages
  • Leaks
  • Demonstrate real world problems
  • Key connections are equipped with auto-exhausting shutoff valves to facilitate testing and measurement for troubleshooting and problem solving the various inserted system faults.

    Includes curriculum

  • 15+ student exercises
  • Product training available
  • How-to use video
  • FMVSS121 compliant
  • DOT approved fittings
  • Retains no obsolete 1970s parts or configurations
  • Design based on 2021 truck fleet parts
  • Pneumatic faults
  • Optional HV-124 air brake wheel ends (front drum, trailer drum, trailer disc) available for real self-adjusting slack adjuster function
  • Includes operation manual, pneumatic schematics with and without faults, instructors guide and student assignments.
  • Safety

  • All air tanks have drain valves and are equipped with safety valves set at 150psi.
  • All actuating rods coming out of the brake chambers are ful- ly protected and enclosed in transparent cylinders to ensure student safety.
  • There are valves on both the primary and secondary tanks that allow an instructor to interrupt the supply circuits without draining the tanks.
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