Diesel Repair Trainer 2-Cyl Mechanical Injection

SKU: HV-145S_53277

The HV-145S-KB02_053277 is a diesel engine repair trainer with a Kubota 2-cylinder mechanically injected diesel engine on a swivel stand. This stand is designed for student instruction and practice covering engine mechanical inspection, disassembly, measurement, and reassembly. The product is designed to facilitate quick and easy setup to run and test each engine in a safe, and controlled environment. It includes two sub-assemblies: a swivel engine stand and a starting station.

Spec Sheet

Give your students a path to bolster their pride in workmanship. Let us help them create their own intrinsic motivation to do an excellent job in their mechanical endeavours! All with a complete running diesel engine for your classroom. The HV-145S-KB02_053277 is a teardown station for teaching engine mechanical, with low-cost consumables, small package size and brand-new components. Teach the fundamentals of diesel engines, mechanical fuel injec- tion systems, injectors, pumps, component identification all on this Kubota 2-cylinder engine from ConsuLab.

What activities do the students perform with this product? The students can do :

  • Engine identification to facilitate the location of operation, service, and parts manuals
  • Engine disassembly and reassembly
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Component measurements
  • Compression testing
  • Engine mechanical diagnostic testing procedures
  • Starting and charging system operation
  • Engine emissions testing
  • Component identification
  • Features

  • Engine may be run prior to disassembly and after reassembly.
  • Functional fuel control lever.
  • Bell housing plate allows access to crank pulley bolts and rear main oil seal
  • Robust connectors between the starting station and swivel for all connection points.
  • Flat-faced leakless fuel line connections between the two units.

    Curriculum Includes:

  • Opération manual
  • 10 student exercises
  • Electrical schematic

    Technical Information:

  • Dimensions: starting station : 28 x 24 x 45 inch (71.12 x 60.96 x 114.3 cm) swivel engine : 28 x 42 x 45 inch (71.12 x 106.68 x 114.3 cm) Weight: 690lb (313 kg) combined
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