Disc & Drum Brake Trainer + Faults

SKU: EM-123-4HN02_052746

The EM-123-4HN02_052746 Disc & drum brake trainer + faults is used to demonstrate the functionalitiy of a modern automotive hydraulic braking system as it functions on vehicle. The inclusion of four permanent, mechanical, real-world faults captures students attention and proves their learning.

Educational Advantages

Real OEM automotive components with fully functional disc/drum hydraulic braking system including:
• All OEM hydraulic components
• OEM Brake pedal and parking brake pedal
• OEM Power brake booster
• OEM Parking brake components

All routine brake service procedures can be performed on this trainer including:
• Master cylinder service
• Brake pad/shoe replacement
• Disc/Drum service
• Wheel bearing service
• Caliper/Wheel cylinder service
• Brake hose/line service
• Parking brake service

With available curriculum

EM123-4HN02 Spec Sheet

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