Cutaway Starting System Trainer

SKU: EM-200-19

The EM-200-19 Starting System Trainer allows for the demonstration of a complete starting system using real-world components. Key areas of the starter have been cutaway to allow visual observation of major components while still being functional.

Educational Advantages

Tutorial Video


Educational Advantages

  • Fully functional cutaway starter
  • Allows students to view all internal starter components during live starter operation
  • Starter is enclosed in plexiglass to ensure student safety
  • Demonstrates starter planetary gear reduction
  • Ability to test and verify a basic starting circuit
  • Four operational faults can be inserted to promote student diagnostic troubleshooting competencies
  • The starter solenoid can also be bridged with a remote starter switch (not included) using the solenoid primary terminals


  • Ford Modular V8

Included Components

  • Starter
  • Ignition switch
  • Clutch switch
  • Relay
  • Fault box with 4 faults
  • Circuit breaker with reset


EM20019 Spec Sheet

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