Two-Wheel Hydraulic Brake Trainer Non-ABS

SKU: EM-123-2_053251

The EM-123-2_053251 is a 2-wheel hydraulic brake system trainer that is used to demonstrate the functionality of a typical non-ABS braking system as it operates on a real vehicle. The trainer is built with OEM components and is based on the non-ABS Honda Civic platform. The trainer can be used in the classroom environment for demonstrations to students. The trainer provides a safe and effective method of demonstrating the principles of hydraulic braking systems used on today’s vehicles.

Spec Sheet


  • Non-ABS 2007-2010 Honda Civic

Educational Advantages:

  • Demonstrates full functionality of a 2-wheel hydraulic brake system
  • Provides easy access to all brake components without the confinements of a vehicle
  • Pressure gauges show actual braking pressure at each wheel circuit
  • Trainer includes all OEM ABS components and hydrau- lic plumbing (non-functional) for student learning and awareness
  • Many NATEF and Red Seal tasks can be accomplished using this trainer
  • All brake system components are accessible for com- plete mechanical and hydraulic repair and service

Real OEM automotive components with fully functional disc/ drum hydraulic braking system including:

  • All OEM hydraulic components
  • OEM Brake pedal and parking brake pedal
  • OEM Power brake booster
  • OEM ABS components and hydraulic plumbing (non-functional)
  • OEM Parking brake components

  • Fully functional parking brake system
  • Fits through a standard 30” door opening
  • Heavy duty metal stand with casters for easy transport (two fixed and two swivel w/locks)

    All routine brake service procedures can be performed on this trainer including:

  • Master cylinder service
  • Power brake booster service
  • Brake pad/shoe replacement
  • Disc/Drum service
  • Wheel bearing service
  • Caliper/Wheel cylinder service – Brake hose/line service
  • Parking brake service

    Technical Information

  • Dimensions: By Request
  • Sturdy powder coated metal stand with two locking swivel and two fixed casters
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