The MF400-HCTS is designed to help instructors teach and students learn how to safely and correctly perform the following skills:
• Overhaul a hydraulic cylinder.
• Identify and use the tools needed to overhaul a hydraulic cylinder.
• Inspect the components in a hydraulic cylinder to determine the root cause of a failure.
• Replace piston and gland seals.
• Test a hydraulic cylinder.
• Air bleed a hydraulic cylinder.

Spec Sheet

Hands-on activities include:

  • Steps on preparing a cylinder for service – removing, draining the oil, and securing it so it cannot move.
  • Tools – selection and safe and proper use.
  • Correct disassembly procedures.
  • Component inspection and failure analysis.
  • When to hone a cylinder tube.
  • Correct procedures for installing piston seals and rod seals.
  • Correct assembly procedures.
  • Correct test procedures.
  • Correct installation and air-bleeding procedures.

The MF400-HCTS consists of the following components:

  • Four-station mobile training module equipped with two (2) rigid and two (2) swivel-lock casters. Steel and aluminum construction with powder coat finish.
  • Welded steel anchors and cradles with mechanical locks to secure the cylinders for safety and handling.
  • Four (4) clear acrylic, cylinder safety covers at each cylinder station to protect the student from oil spray in the event they did not reassemble the cylinder, or install the seals, correctly.
  • Can store up to eighteen (18) hydraulic cylinders (available for purchase separately)
  • Course Materials and Visual Aids include:

  • PowerPointTM based presentation
  • Critical safety guide specific to cylinder overhaul.
  • Instructor’s guide including quiz answer sheets.
  • Student manual – How to Service Hydraulic Cylinders – a guide for beginners.
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