Four-Wheel Honda ABS Trainer with Faults

SKU: EM-122-HN02

The EM-122-HN02 Four-wheel Honda ABS trainer is used to demonstrate the functionality of the ABS braking system as it operates on a real vehicle. Mechanical faults in the friction components are designed to be diagnosed by students while performing a brake inspection. This trainer also comes with six insertable, electronic faults. The trainer provides a safe and effective method of demonstrating the principles of braking systems used on today’s vehicles.

Spec Sheet



2006-2010 Honda Civic.


Educational Advantages:

  • Demonstrates full functionality of a 4-wheel ABS system.
  • Allows choice of wheel combinations to “lock-up” during ABS operation.
  • Allows choice of ABS “application” timing for clearer demon- strations.
  • Six system electrical faults that are manually selected by the instructor.
  • Mechanical faults in the friction components are designed to be diagnosed by students while performing a brake inspection.
  • Trainer follows OEM wiring schematics.
  • Trainer can be used for full mechanical service and repair operations of:
    • Front disc brakes
    • Rear drum brakes
    • Master Cylinder & Hydraulic system (w/ pedal)
    • ABS Electrical System (w/ wheel speed sensors)
    • ABS Hydraulic Control unit
    • Parking Brake system
  • Many ASE Education Foundation (NATEF) and Red Seal tasks can be accomplished using this trainer.
  • Trainer can it through a standard 30” door opening.
  • Provides “real world” brake pedal feedback pulsations during ABS operation.



  • “Real” automotive components with fully functional ABS 3-channel hydraulic system.
  • Equipped with DLC for scan tool data stream hookup.
  • OEM vehicle instrument panel with indicator lamps.
  • ABS Control Unit breakout box for easy connection of a DVOM or Oscilloscope.
  • Hydraulic pressure gauges at each wheel (4).
  • Lockable fault insertion box with 6 electrical faults.
  • Mechanical faults (4).
  • Disc/drum four wheel brake assemblies (NOTE- discs, drums, wheel cylinders, calipers and all friction materials are new. All other OEM components are recycled from actual vehicles).
  • Fully functional parking brake system.
  • 55A DC power supply included.
  • Heavy Duty metal stand with casters for easy transport of trainer.
  • All routine brake service procedures can be performed on this trainer including component replacement, adjustments and hydraulic bleeding.


  • Power requirements : 110V @ 20 amps or 220V @ 10 amps (specify when ordering).
  • Sturdy powder coated metal stand with two locking swivel and two fixed casters.
  • Dimensions : Height: 51” Width: 24” Depth: 50” (127.5 x 60 x 125 cm).
  • Weight : 325 lb (147.7 kg).
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